About Us

Bonjour les amis.

Jean Luc Rondreux

He is Jean Luc Rondreux, born and raised in Paris, France. He arrived in Wisconsin on June 25, 2010 and for one reason only…


Teri is originally from S.E. Wisconsin.  Today she’s a librarian at UW-La Crosse.  In another life, she settled in northern France, in the cathedral town of Beauvais, between Paris and Amiens. For many moons. They met in a music store.

Jean Luc is a musician by blood and trade. As all artists might do from time to time, he’s re-inventing himself to bring you delicious crêpes, a part of his culture and a surprising street food.

The batters are organic as much as possible, and with local ingredients.  The certified organic  flours are from the Great River Organic Milling in Fountain City.  The eggs and milk that also go into the recipe are organic and purchased locally.

Some of the sweet fillings are homemade with that special “je ne sais quoi”.  The chocolate ganache and the sea salt caramel with crème fraîche are two choices. But ideas are endless.

Check out the menu.

So come and find us, try a crêpe, or a galette, or both. Take home a pâtisserie or two for later. They rarely make it home though. Dust off your high school French.  You never knew you’d be using it this way, did you?

A bientôt!

photo credits in order: Teri Holford, Anna Talpe, Holly Matthews

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