French Pastries

Winter’s blanket of snow gives us time to create and bake– traditional French pâtisseries that one would find in a boulangerie that cares about beauty,  integrity, and generosity.  Come and taste something new– expand your sweet horizons.

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French macarons. Gluten-free, this almond flour based biscuit is filled with various flavors of homemade ganache fillings: fresh mint, caramel, chocolate, pistachio, lemon, raspberry, etc.

Galettes des Rois. Homemade inverted puff pastry filled with a delicate mix of ground almonds, eggs, sugar and homemade vanilla custard, thick enough to hide one single almond–find it and be king or queen for the day.  Not always available, please call and reserve.

“Mille Feuilles”. Translates to “one thousand leaves”,  this work of edible art also responds to the name of a “Napolean”– it is a bliss of inverted puff pastry, made from scratch, layered with homemade vanilla custard cream and a drizzle of chocolate on top.

“Petits Choux”. Little cream puffs filled with vanilla custard, or vanilla ice-cream, or… nothing!

Madeleines. The subtle taste and smell of vanilla and lemon in this light and spongey cake-like pastry, shaped like a sea shell that fits in your palm, is a nod to Proust and memories.

Financiers. A mini cake, shaped as a rectangular gold bar, and kept moist by its almond flour base.

Florentins. A delicious and unusual mix of dried fruit and nuts baked in a honey caramel with a hint of orange blossom water, sometimes topped with dark chocolate, sometimes not.

Broyé du Poitou. A French regional twist on shortbread, made with true European style butter and sprinkled with a few grains of imported sel de Guerande, a grey and course French sea salt from the Atlantic coasts.

Truffes au Chocolat. A divine pillow of chocolatey goodness. The recipe is…well…one of those family secrets.

Canelés de Bordeaux. Egg based baked custard cake with a hint of rum–crunchy on the outside, pillow soft on the inside, and shaped like wee barrels that hark back to its origins of the seaside port city of Bordeaux.

Tartelettes. Mini and round, tasty and perennial. Flavors vary: chocolate filled (imported Callebaut and Valrhona chocolate), fresh lemon-curd, fruits de saison… It’s exciting to keep up.

Macaron photo credit:  Jessica Sands Photography. All other photo credit: Teri Holford


1 Response to French Pastries

  1. justine dupont says:

    Tu as garder une trace de ton passage en France dans tes menu =)

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