Sweet Others

We swapped a breakfast crêpe with Mokasiya one summer Saturday morning at the Viroqua farmer’s market.

He created, we delivered.  It was something along the lines of banana, maple syrup, nuts of all kinds, a suggestion of coconut, a whisper of chocolate, all on a buckwheat galette, s’il vous plaît.

In return, he gave us this.  Ah, the sweet alchemy of poetry and food.

for Jeanluc and Teri

when we are still enough
and listen
to the pouring sweet batter
of crepe

our hearts connect
in the love dance of food
hot, fruity, nutty, chocolaty,
buttery, maple syrup

letting ourselves go
touching, expanding
one human to another
buckwheat and salt
sun and laughter

where the soul sizzles
on a hot grill

crepe in the morning

Jeanluc and Teri

food to heart
gifting each taste bud
all the parts.

Mokasiya Oct. 2011

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